The Perspective Dimensions Inc. studio specializes in architectural rendering using traditional methods and materials. Even with the increase in quality and quantity of digital rendering, the freer more spontaneous and personal expression of traditional illustration continues to claim a place in the world of architectural rendering today.

I am passionate about investing my emotional energy in your rendering. The mixing of colors and the techniques with the brush and pen are what attract me to my art, plus the act of following the development of each rendering, reacting to the image as it develops, and following through to the creation of the finished product.

In striving to be fair and flexible in responding to your budget requirements, my fees are based on image size, technique used, detail required and the scope of the drawing project. Please provide Perspective Dimensions Inc. with whatever design information you have (architectural plans, elevations, sections, sketches or photographs) and I will quote you a price and schedule based on your individual needs.

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